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Annette Beaufils' Surgery Helensburgh 2508

Dr Annette Beaufils’ Surgery is a private billing, appointment only, family medical practice. Pride is taken in the high quality of care provided to patients.

This website has been created to give you more information about us, and to provide useful health information and resources.

This practice aims to provide a comprehensive service and Dr Annette feels an obligation to develop an appropriate plan of action for any medical problem you present.


A wide range of services are offered –

• Diagnosis and management of short-term illness
• Preventative healthcare
• Surveillance of chronic illness
• Home care of terminally ill
• Women’s and Men’s health checks
• Childhood immunisation
• Pregnancy testing/Family Planning
• Antenatal shared care programme with Sutherland , Wollongong and St George Hospitals
• Postnatal care of mother, child and family.
• Midwife/Lactation consultant
• Sport, accident and work related injuries
• Freezing of skin lesions with liquid nitrogen
• Minor surgery – suturing/lacerations
• Treatment of simple fractures
• Mental Health Services
• Travel advice and immunisation including Yellow fever vaccination
• Insurance and driving medical examination
• Diving medical examination

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Other Patient Services Available:


A free interpreting service is available for patients who do not speak English well or who are deaf and use Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN). While telephone interpreting is available 24 hours, on site assistance needs to be pre-arranged. Please contact our staff for assistance.


Home visits are available for patients whose condition or circumstances prevents them attending the surgery. Please ring the surgery and discuss the problem with the Receptionist or the Doctor. Home visits outside the local area are limited.


We are very keen to answer your calls. If the doctor is in consultation with a patient you may be asked to wait a short period of time or the doctor may have to return your call at a more convenient time. An emergency call will be attended to immediately, please indicate the urgency to our staff.


It is important to know your investigation results. If you have had tests, been referred for specialist review, or recently been in hospital, it is important that you contact us to ensure you are appropriately followed up. While we do follow up abnormal results, please ensure you know the results of all investigations you have had, normal or not, to ensure your results have been processed.


It is a practice policy and considered “best practice” that repeat prescriptions require a consultation with your doctor. In selected cases, prescriptions for SHORT TERM continuing medications will be issued without a consultation. However, if you have not attended the surgery recently a consultation will be required.


An important aspect of general practice is the provision of continuity of care. To ensure continuity of care we need to see you before referral to a specialist and you may be asked to report back by phone or in person afterwards.

Referrals from general practitioners to medical specialists enables patients to claim a rebate from Medicare for their specialist consultation.

We rely on patients for feedback on specialist treatment and manner. In this way we are constantly trying to improve the quality of our referrals.


Do you require blood tests? Southern IML Pathology operate from within our complex during the following times:
Monday to Friday:                  8:00 AM  to  1:00 PM          2:00 PM to  4:30 PM
Saturday:                                  8:00 AM  to 11:00 PM

Best female Dr Helensburgh

Most experienced female doctor Helensburgh