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Dr Annette Beaufils best female doctor HelensburghWelcome to Dr Annette Beaufils’ Surgery  where we specialise in family medicine. We focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, improving overall health and a continued healthcare service to the communities of Helensburgh 2508.  Dr Annette Beaufils Surgery continues to be a local initiative, owned and maintained by locals for locals.

Dr Annette Beaufils has been Helensburgh’s family doctor for almost 40 years. As a local resident she has strong community ties and is the recipient of community awards.

After some years as the leader of Helensburgh Family Practice (HFP) she is now setting up her own medical practice with allied health specialists – a one stop medical group.

Dr Annette is proud that she has looked after many local families for four generations. Her special interests include looking after children and older persons, managing complex problems/chronic disease and antenatal share care.

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Meet Our Professional Team

Dr Annette Beaufils

Qualifications: MBBS – Owner/GP

Graduated from the University of New South Wales in 1976.

Set up in Helensburgh after three years graduate training.

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Practice Manager

Heather Sleigh

Qualifications: Practice Management, Accounting, Community Services

Lives in Helensburgh and has worked alongside Dr  Beaufils since 2004.

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Nursing Staff

Jacki Carroll

Qualifications: RN 

Graduated from the University of Wollongong in 2007.

Moved to Helensburgh in 2011.

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Danielle Beazley

Qualifications: RN

Danielle completed her Bachelor of Nursing 2009.

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Donna Brockman, Megan Salkeld Emma Blair and Eva Rogers are your friendly Admin assistants and Receptionists who are always ready to help.

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